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Total List Count: 49653 Ad Views Served: 8883109 Website Visitors Served: 8800100

Right now, thousands of webmasters, entrepreneurs and affiliates are successfully using this proven advertising system to quietly reap enormous profits for their businesses. 

Now, You too can generate an abundance of New Leads, Customers, And Revenue with Ease.

  1. You'll make money: By reaching 48,900+ prospects with your offers every other day with the click of a button.
  2. Your messages will get noticed: Our new adAnnounce system beats Spam-filters, Mass-deletes, Undeliverable emails, and Incredible competition by delivering your messages directly into their Internal Mailboxes (this feature is a milestone in the industry).
  3. Huge Leverage for your business: Since November 2000, we've been building this list of consumers and marketers who are looking for offers, deals and business opportunities - Now, you can use this resource to capture more leads, build your own lists, and sell more products and services, the easy way.
  4. A Clean & Spam-Free List: Our list is maintained automatically - all non-active members removed instantly and all emails verified using a double-opt-in system.
  5. You can join for Free: Our Basic Membership is completely free to join and requires no obligation to purchase.

  1. Beats Spam-Filters, ISP Bans, And Mass Deletes: With the introduction of our AdAnnounceĀ® feature, the benefits are just amazing.AdAnnounceĀ© is a unique internal mailing system, which is not affected by outside elements such as Spam filters,  ISP bans, and mass deletes.
  2. Large active member base: Quickly expose your product, services, or opportunities to 49653 list members.
  3. Consistent flow of fresh prospects: This list is aggressively promoted world-wide and consistently brings in hundreds of new prospects everyday. The list is constantly changing, and never remains the same.
  4. Features which will save you timeNew time-tested features are added for your convenience and ease of task management.
  5. Real-time tracking and visitor management: A built-in tracking software allows you to not only track your list visitors, but use it as a tracker for your other promotions online.
  6. Text and HTML e-mail deliveryCreate, maintain, and develop, new HTML ad-copies in minutes using our HTML creator. Just fill out a simple form and this incredible software will instantly create the ad-copy for you with graphics, banners, and links. No knowledge of HTML is necessary.
  7. Optimized response forms: Send prospects to your website or have them immediately respond by e-mail using the automatic response forms.

  1. Amazing Results For Businesses: Whether it's a new marketer just starting out or seasoned Internet marketer, Business World List has been THE place for them to get new leads, traffic and sales. Read 10 Pages Of Rave Reviews From Our Members.

  2. See Actual Proof: Since we introduced the AdAnnounce system to Business World List, on May 18th, 2004, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of new visitors to our member's websites and thousands of dollars in orders, sales, cash, and signups for our members.

    Below is the real-time count of visitors to member's Ad-views and Website visitors Since May 18th, 2004:

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Your risk-free Business World List membership is one that will:

  1. Speed up and leverage your marketing efforts
  2. Guaranteed increased results from your marketing
  3. Completely Spam-Free way to reach prospects
  4. Beat Spam-Filters and reach more prospects
  5. Reach new & existing quality prospects
  6. Test your ad performance using state-of-the-art tracking system
  7. Personalize your ads and messages
  8. Cut costs of handling emails by hand
  9. Risk-free way to reach potential customers
  10. and, Grow your internet business at a Geometric rate

See Amazing Results At Any Level: When you join BusinessWorldList.com as a Free, Professional, or Pro-plus membership level, you'll use many features that you've never used on any other advertising website on the Internet. 

You'll agree that the FREE Basic BusinessWorldList® membership is the fastest, most sophisticated and most feature-packed, advertising list on the web! But Of course, you get far more features, benefits and results with a Professional Version and Pro-Plus Version

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Order your Business World List Pro or Pro-Plus account, and immediately start using the list to reach 49653 members, use the AdAnnounce system, track your performance, and more. If you're not 100% satisfied, or it doesn't make a measurable improvement in your traffic and sales, just let us know within the next 30 days and I will refund every penny you spent. No hassle, no forms to fill out. I'm taking all the risk away from you. You even keep the free bonus for 6 months. I'm that convinced you'll love Business World List.

Long-Term Success For Your Online Business Depends On Quality Tools! 

Listen, your success online depends on effective strategies and quality tools you use on a daily basis. Thousands of marketers have made Business-World List a mandatory promotional tool to use to constantly improve their sales and profits.

Are you truly serious about fattening your profits and beefing up your conversion rate? You've got nothing to lose but sales!

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All the Best,

Abe Cherian, 
CEO, Multiple Stream Media LLC.

P.S. When you join Business World List for free, you'll learn that the unique features and benefits provided for the advertisers are incomparable to other ordinary advertising lists. You'll find that the 'AdAnnounce' feature itself will drive tons of unique targeted traffic to your website within minutes after you join.

P.P.S. You can join 50 different lists out there and pay 50 times more, or join Business World List once and get ten times more traffic and sales. It's your choice.

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